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Monday, February 24, 2014

Canadian Gold

Over this past five day stretch, Sochi 2014 and Team Canada captivated the country.

From the come-from-behind Womens' bobsled win, to another come-from-behind win in Womens' hockey, to a complete puck control semi-final win in Mens' hockey over the USA, to the gold medal hockey game on Sunday morning, its been quite a five day stretch for Canadian athletes.  Toss in the two curling gold medal wins for Canada, a gold-silver juggernaut in Womens' ski-cross and you have a tough to replicate "best" five days ever.

With yesterday's closing ceremonies being the only thing that has been able to stop the Canada medal run, its hard to find excitement in the office today.

BTW - did any work get done last Thursday and Friday in Canada???

To keep the smile on your face and the patriotism in your heart, here is a video, that shows the jubilation in Canada of the Womens' hockey last minute game tying goal, plus the overtime gold medal winning goal, that will keep your Sochi good memories alive.

Finally, here is a video compilation of the reaction across Canada after the Canadian Mens' hockey team beat the Swedes to win the gold medal...

You can tell that I really enjoy these compilation videos...

Thank you to our hosts in Russia for presenting a wonderful, and safe Winter Olympic Games.

For comparison, here are two compilation videos from Vancouver 2010:
- Part 1 - when the USA tied the Mens gold medal hockey game and it went into overtime.
- Part 2 - when Sidney scored and Canada celebrated.

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