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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well, I am back in downtown Toronto and am working hard to tie up loose ends from my time away.  I had a couple of meetings with CMA Ontario today, as we continue to work hard on our strategic alliance.

Even though I was away in Vancouver, I was able to keep up with CMC-Canada activities and work.  I had the great opportunity to meet with CMC's in BC's interior (Kelowna), on Vancouver Island (Victoria) and in the lower mainland (Vancouver).  It is so important to get feedback and understand member needs from across the country.

As well, I appreciate the hospitality of Western Management Consultants in Vancouver as thanks to Gerry Humphries, I was able to access an office so I could have the proper environment...conducive to work.

But, I am back in Toronto and am having a hard time remembering the Games and the beautiful city of Vancouver.  The good news, is that I will be out west again in May, with the CMC-Canada National Board.

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