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Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to Reality and Thank You

I'm enroute back to Ontario on the red-eye following the 17 day party called the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. What a dose of reality.

But oh what a climax to the party. It almost seems like a dream - G14, the gold medal hockey game, with the storybook ending and then, the surreal closing ceremonies.

No matter what the foreign press writes, don't believe it. These were wonderful games.

Why? In the end, it was all about the people. Welcoming and friendly. It seemed that the old Canadian quiet, conservative stereotype was disposed of and we became an openly proud nation. I have never seen so many hockey jerseys worn 7/24. I have never heard the national anthem sung spontaneously. I have never felt the warmth of people like Vancouverites have shown in a big city.

Speaking of people, I have to comment on the hospitality of my friends, Rob and Kathy Stewart. While we have been friends for more than 20 years, you never know how things will go over a four week visit. Four weeks could challenge even the strongest of friendships.

The Stewarts were wonderful hosts, who along with their extended family made me feel like I belonged.

I have to make a special comment about Kathy. Yesterday, she made the ultimate sacrifice. She gave up her closing ceremonies ticket and urged me to take it. Imagine, a once in a lifetime event and she felt that Rob and I should celebrate our passion for the Olympics, our Vancouver 2010 journey and our friendship, with the closing ceremonies.

Unbelieveable. Generous. What can I say but thank you Kathy. Thank you Stewarts. Thank you VANOC. Thank you Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Glenn, wow! Can't wait to hear more about it. Back home the games have inspired all of us.
P Richards

Anonymous said...

Way to go Canada! And way to go Glenn. Thanks for sharing your stories.