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Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 days to the Opening Ceremonies

We are just 5 days away from the Opening Ceremonies at the Vancouver Winter Games.

The Opening Ceremonies are bigger, better and more dramatic, with each Games.  Check out this article that contrasts past Ceremonies (

These have been one of the most anticipated Games ever. First, it is Canada and we can break the record of being the only host nation who hasn't won a gold medal. The "Own the podium" initiative has provided athletes with funding, coaching and support like never before. Instead of focusing on the negative, Canada is focused on being the leading nation as measured by medal count.

NBC is eagerly awaiting the Games too, as Vancouver's events will fit nicely into prime time television programming. CTV and TSN's partnership will have hundreds more hours than ever before.

Finally, just as Expo 86 put Vancouver on the world's stage, I expect the 2010 Games will truly make it a world city. Montreal is well known globally and Expo 67 and the 76 Summer Olympics solidified their reputation...I expect nothing less from Vancouver's time in the spotlight.

The real Opening Ceremonies are on Friday (February 12th).  I'm going to the dress rehearsal on the 10th.  Read what organizers are afraid of....

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