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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Last Shift

It is 5:30 am on Sunday February 28, 2010.  I am arising and getting ready to go to the Olympic Village one last time.  Today is the Closing Ceremonies.  Tomorrow athletes, coaches and officials will go home ending one big 17 day party that took 50 years to plan.

It was after the Squaw Valley Olympics in 1960 that some Vancouver leaders thought that the Games were possible.  This was the inspiration behind the creation of Whistler Mountain.  It was a long journey, as 3 separate bids failed.....until the announcement in 2003 that Vancouver had won the right to host in 2010.

Seven years, sounded so far away.  Yet now, we are on the final day of those Games.

What have these Games meant to Vancouver, to Whistler, to British Columbia?  What have they meant for the athletes?  For Canada?  For you or I?

It is expected that most of the athletes will be in the Vancouver Village as the Whistler athletes come down for the Closing Ceremonies.  I think the answer is here.  It will be apparent today and tonight.  I hope the Village is rocking.  I hope Canada celebrates this awakening of pride that have been the result of these Games.

But, before that answer is delivered, there is the matter of a hockey game.  One little game with the final gold medal on the line.

Go Canada!

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