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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snowboard Cross, Luck and More...

I don't know about you, but luck seems to be balanced.  You win one, you lose one.  Everything is equal and balanced.

Today, I had the most amazing opportunity.  I had to go up to Cypress Mountain to deliver some supplies.  If you recall, Cypress is where the freestyle skiing and the snowboard events are being held.  It was sunny and clear - a perfect day to be up on a mountain.  After delivering the supplies, we had a quick look around.  We saw the mogul run where Heil and Bilodeau shined.  We saw the jumps for the aerials....holy smokes!!  Then we climbed the hill and saw a few racers come down the snowboard cross course as they were qualifying for the finals.

Neat.  If there ever is a sport that television does not do justice to, it is the ski and snowboard events.  It is difficult on the small screen to convey speed, pitch and height.  You have to see the size of the half can't even imagine it.  You have to see how steep the mogul run is.  You can't imagine the size of the aerials jump and the landing area.  You can't believe how big the final jump is on the snowboard cross run.

Back to my story.  I had great fortune to go up to Cypress, but when I came back to the city and heard everyone talking, I realized that I had bad luck.  I totally missed Maelle Ricker's gold medal in snowboard cross.  Rats.  You win some, you lose some (seriously, I realize that I am very fortunate to be here in Vancouver).  Congrats Maelle.  Gold #2 for Canada.

Here is a neat the Olympics progress and as Canada starts to win a mess of medals, it is getting a bit hard to keep track of the standings.  Here is a neat add-on (from a Canadian company) that you can use on your desktop to keep track of the standings and your favourite country (

For Windows:
For Mac OS X:
For Windows Mobile:

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RHJ said...

Great to see that you are enjoying the games Glenn - glad we could catch up during your stay - now we need to get hold of Toomey before it is all over. Great desktop widget to keep count too! All the best, and yes all the athletes worked very hard for a long time to be here.