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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Canada's First Medal and Other Good News

Tonight, everyone at the Vancouver Athletes Village Polyclinic watched Jennifer Heil compete for a gold medal in Ladies Moguls.  It was exciting watching with everyone at the clinic.  Every time Heil or the other Canadians did well, you heard a roar throughout the clinic.  Yes, a roar.

This made watching the event more exciting than one could ever have, while at home.  I strongly recommend that you watch the big competitions with a large group.  It just makes it more fun.

Heil did well in the qualification round placing second, behind Hannah Kearney, the American. In the finals, the skiers competed in reverse order, from their finish in qualifications.  I can't even imagine the pressure on Heil, who is the 2006 Torino gold medalist and someone who has been expected to win.  You could cut the air with a knife, as the drama that unfolded in the final round, was top notch.  Heil did great, held first place until the final skier and won a silver.  Heil didn't lose the gold, rather Kearney won the gold, with an outstanding final run.

Let's hope that Heil's silver is just the first of many medals won by Canadians at the Games.

I have some other great news.  Yesterday, I was successful in booking flights to bring my sons to Vancouver for a few days, so they can experience the Games.  Tait, who is 16 years old, can't miss too much school, so he and his brother Blaine are making a quick trip, just so they can say they were there.

As much as I have enjoyed my time so far in Vancouver, I can't tell you how much I have missed seeing my sons, so it will be great to have them visit.

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Greg Salmela said...

Hey Glenn,

You've a good blog going here. I've been watching the games whenever I can, always thinking about what an experience you must be having over there. Great to see your sons, do they ever look like you!