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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grand Opening of Village Thursday

Vancouver's Athletes Village opens today (Feb. 4th), just a few hours from now.  At 8 am, there will be a ribbon cutting which will officially signal the opening of the Village.  Athletes will start to arrive tomorrow and the Village will take on a whole new life.

I am working the graveyard shift right now and I'll be done at 7 am (ending 24 hours on site).  I'm planning to have some breakfast and then watch the ceremonies before catching some shut eye.  It is a bit quiet tonight, but I suspect this may just be the calm before the storm.

Speaking of the Village, yesterday I mentioned how beautiful the view of downtown is a great photo.  Judge for yourself.  On the left, you can see BC Place, where the Opening Ceremonies will be on February 12th and in the background, you can see the "lions", the snow covered mountain peaks. 

On the waterfront, there is a flag representing each country who has sent athletes to the 2010 Games.

Approximately 2,700 athletes and officials will be resident in the Village.  A similar number of people will stay at the Whistler village.

So, here we are....a matter of 6 hours until the Village opens and the fun begins.


Anonymous said...

don't forget to show some sample pictures related to your efforts out there . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn. Great pics in your blog today. Van is a beautiful city. I look forward to following your blog to get an "insiders" perspective on the Games. Enjoy the Olympics and say "hi" to Rob for me. Go Canada!!!

Bill K