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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ivey Connections

Coming to Vancouver to work the Games has been a great experience....not only because I am working a the Games but because it has provided an opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  Four weeks sounds like a long time, but I am finding myself short of time, as the list of people to meet with is long.  

The Richard Ivey School of Business network is a great one and the bonds are tight. 

Earlier this week, I linked with Eric Lee, Randy Jang and Murray Lynn, all Ivey MBA alums.  They were all involved with the BC Chapter of the Ivey Alumni Association in previous years.  Yesterday, the networking continued.  In the morning, I reconnected with Brian Phillips, an Ivey alum, who also served the Chapter and on the Ivey Alumni Association Board of Directors.  At lunch (pictured above), I reconnected with my Ivey classmates - twenty three years after we started our MBA.  Rob Stewart, Jim Logan, John Toomey and myself, shared old war stories and lies.

Ironically, there was another neat connection.  Rob, Jim and I, all ran the New York Marathon together back in 1991, while John just returned to Canada after living in New York for many years.

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