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Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Day to go!!!

The Village is getting full.  The Uniform and Accreditation Centre was really busy yesterday and the Opening Ceremonies had their final dress rehearsal yesterday.  The mens' downhill, which goes on Saturday morning, had their first training run yesterday.  These are all signs there is only one day to go, before the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics open and the fun begins.

Before it all starts tomorrow, I would like to thank Rob Stewart (right) for his help and support so I could have this opportunity to experience the Vancouver Olympic Games.  As I mentioned before, Rob and I have been friends since our MBA at Ivey, back in 1987.  Rob, Kathy and their children, Sarah and Ben have been generous with their home, allowing me to stay and making me feel welcome for this Olympic sojourn.

Vancouver is excited.  The final day of the torch relay is today.  It will traverse Burnaby into downtown Vancouver and will finish at Yaletown, adjacent to BC Place Stadium, where the Opening Ceremonies will take place tomorrow.  Make sure you watch the will not be disappointed.  There will be a lump in your throat, as a proud Canadian.

Further to my earlier blog, there is a great article in today's Vancouver Sun on who the final torch bearer will be.  Visit

Also, you have to see the ride the torch took yesterday, up Grouse Mountain.  Visit

Well, I have a long night as I work the graveyard shift tonight.  See you tomorrow, after the Games open!!


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