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Friday, February 26, 2010

Bronze into Gold

The Canadian Womens Hockey team won gold last night but it was Joannie Rochette's bronze that was golden.

With a courageous and focused effort Rochette put the loss of her mother in the back of her mind for four minutes, as she concentrated on her free skate. Competing against one of the best skaters ever, Rochette did her mother proud. Congrats Joannie.

I caught the womens hockey game in the airports. Second period in Victoria and the third at YVR. Great play from both teams but with a solid win for the Canucks.

Thanks Jacques Rogge for raining on the womens parade last night. His talk about the state of womens ice hockey was ill timed and not very appropriate.

Funny how the IOC is sour on hockey while other sports that are only popular in Europe (like Skeleton) are not discussed.

I think it might be a negotiating tactic with the NHL regarding it's ongoing participation. Just a hunch.

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